Mum and Baby Skin Consultation

Mum and Baby Skin Consultations 

Give your baby the best start with a unique skin and health consultation from DermaBabies.

If you are pregnant or have a baby, you will know how important your babies health is to you.  However, what you may not be aware of is the sheer amount of chemicals which you and your baby are subjected to each day.  Toxins from skincare products and food can cause nasty skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, cradle cap, nappy rash and many more.  Not to mention all the salt, sugar and preservatives that are present in comercial baby food.  A babies skin is delicate and needs to be protected.  The baby industries objective is simple to make profit.

At DermaBabies Mum and Baby Clinic you will receive the following:
  • Find out about the ingredients you never knew existed and the harm that they are doing to you and your baby.
  • Get a full skin consultation check for yourself and your baby, and allow your DermaBabies consultant to create bespoke skincare products for you, which have been created purely for you and your baby.
  • Get advice as to which products to use, which products to avoid and how to protect your children's skin as they grow up, and why organic is always best.
  • Get diet and nutrition advice including quick to make healthy recipes for babies and fun, healthy food which kids will love (they won't know the diffrence).
  • Get advice on sugar and salt intake which shows you how to keep you babies diet and skin healthy for a lifetime.  All including 2 week skin programme with 2nd free evaluation to see how your DermaBabies products and nutrition changes are working.

Your DermaBabies Mum and Baby plan includes your full 30 minute skin and nutrition consultation and includes your DermaBabies products as part of your 2 week programme.

We have a large collection of products for you and your baby to choose from including nappy cream, skin protection creams, baby oils, lotions, soothing washes and shampoos, breast creams, stretchmark products and creams.

Looking for something special?

Why not book yourselves and your fellow mums into one of our mum and baby clinic workshops?
  • Mum and Baby Skin Workshops.  Learn about the products for your baby including a full programme on the baby skincare industry's nasties.
  • Baby Nutrition Workshops.  Learn how to make healthy, natural, sugar, salt and preservative free baby foods which will help them grow up healthy.  No long winded recipes to follow.  Just quick, time saving goodies. Plus get a FREE recipe book "little Hope's kitchen.
  • Baby Massage Therapy.  Learn how to give your baby a soothing massage and create a unique bond which will help your baby sleep well and feel healthy.

Workshops include products to try and take home.