What does Organic really mean?

Many of us are trying to live a healthier lives these days, whether by eating healthier foods, exercising for longer and more often, buying natural and organic products or just trying to be more environmentally friendly, we want to feel like we are doing our bit.

Over the last few years, a huge number of companies have also jumped on to this healthier lifestyle by opting to sell products that are more natural than they once used to be. You have probably noticed many health and nutrition shops popping up all over the place in the last few months with big signs in the windows saying they sell Organic, Natural and Chemical-free products. However, the question really is, what do these terms mean and how Natural are these products?

What does Organic mean?
Well, in short, Organic means any chemical compound that contains carbon. When it comes to Organic food, organic products are regulated by the National Organic Program (NOP). Only companies that meet the standards set by the National Organic Program may label their products as certified organic. Whereas, In the beauty industry, there isn’t an industry-agreed meaning for terms like Organic or Natural so companies can use these terms without strict regulations.

For example, a company need only have 1% natural products in their products to be able to say they are natural which is very far from the actual truth. This is now being turned around with thanks to the Soil Association who are setting out stricter guidelines for companies to follow to enable them to state their products are Natural or Organic. To be on the safe side, make sure you do your research when looking into buying new products that claim to be Natural or Organic or look out for products that are USDA Certified. This means they contain at least 95% Organic ingredients. The USDA Certified label will be some where on the packaging of the product.

Natural and Organic products provide a huge added benefit for consumers. Organic products tend to be more expensive due to the ingredients in each product. They will be harder to get hold of than the cheaper, chemical ingredients and be of a much higher quality. This does not mean that you should go out and buy the most expensive product you can, you need to research the company, the products and look out for reviews from bloggers who have a totally un-biased opinion and more likely to be honest and reliable.

I hope this has been helpful to you and given you some guidance when looking for Natural and Organic indicators.

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Ingredients to avoid when buying skincare products.

Unless you’re a scientist or understand technical lingo, it’s unlikely you will know what half the ingredients are that companies will list on the products, so, to make it easier, we have listed about below the top few nasty chemicals to look out for, what each one of them does and where it’s likely to be found.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS, SLES): A former industrial degreaser now used to make soap foamy, it’s absorbed into the body and irritates skin.

Formaldehyde: Probable carcinogen and irritant found in nail products, hair dye, fake eyelash adhesives, shampoos. Banned in the EU.

DEA/TEA/MEA: Carcinogens used as emulsifiers and foaming agents and are generally fond in – shampoos, body washes and soaps.

Fragrance/Parfum: Fragrance is connected to headaches, dizziness, asthma, and allergies and is found in a variety of products spanning across all cosmetics.

Lead: A carcinogen found in lipstick and hair dye. This is not always listed because it’s a contaminant, not an ingredient.

Triclosan: Found in antibacterial products such as hand sanitizers and deodorants. It has been linked to cancer and endocrine disruption.

Mercury: An allergen that impairs brain development and is found in mascara and a variety of eye drops.

Mineral oil: A side product of petroleum that’s used in many baby oils, moisturisers and styling gels. It creates a film that impairs the skin’s ability to release toxins.

Coal Tar: A carcinogen that has been banned in the EU, but is still used in North America (be extra careful if you buy products from another country). Used in dry skin treatments, anti-lice and anti-dandruff shampoos.

Oxybenzone: Active ingredient in chemical sunscreens that accumulates in fatty tissues and is linked to allergies, hormone disruption, cellular damage, low birth weight.

Parabens: Used to preserve products to increase shelf life and found in a variety of products. Has links to cancer, endocrine disruption and reproductive toxicity.

Phthalates: Plasticizers banned in the EU and California in children’s toys, but present in many fragrances, perfumes, deodorants, lotions. Linked to endocrine disruption, liver/kidney/lung damage, cancer.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG): Penetration enhancer used in many products, it’s often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide, both known carcinogens.

Talc: Similar to asbestos, it’s found in baby powders, eye shadows, blushes and deodorants. Linked to ovarian cancer and respiratory problems.

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD): Used in hair products and dyes, but toxic to skin and immune system.

Toluene: Disrupts the immune system and fetal development. It’s generally used in hair and nail products.

I hope this has been of some use to you and gives you more of an idea of where these nasties might be found. None of these products can be found in Derma Babies products so you don’t have to worry about any of these if you use our products.

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What are Parabens & should we avoid them?

More and more these days we hear stories from skincare specialists and scientists that there maybe links between Parabens and Cancer…so what are Parabens and should we be avoiding them where possible?

Before I get into what other people are saying about Parabens, in my opinion, as soon as you hear there could be even the slightest chance that an ingredient might be connected to Cancer, I would stop taking it or using it only skin immediately. Even the slightest chance must mean that’s a questionable ingredient therefore I wouldn’t want to have it anywhere near by body. That’s just my opinion but why would you want to even take that risk?

Many beauty and skincare companies now state their products are ‘paraben free’ on their ingredients lists. Just because a product is sporting a ‘free from’ label on the outside, it doesn’t mean it won’t have an array of other nasty chemical ingredients in it so make sure you really check the label if you aren’t sure or do your research before buying a new product.

So, what are Parabens?
Parabens are chemical preservatives widely used in all kinds of beauty and personal care products, as well as some foods and pharmaceuticals. They allow the products to sit on shelves without growing potentially harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungus. Now yo might be thinking, that must be a good thing, well, the issue is that Parabens can interfere with the body’s hormones – reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. The health risks could include chronic diseases, Cancers, a host of developmental disorders and fertility problems later in life. Research has shown that parabens mimic oestrogen, and because oestrogen can increase the growth of breast cancer cells, some scientists are concerned that parabens might do the same.

However, all though this might sound very scary, the level of chemical exposure that might pose a risk to human health and whether even the highest exposures measured in people are a problem has not yet been determined or confirmed by scientists or specialists in this area so it’s still quite a fuzzy area. Studies are being done all the time to try to determine these grey areas surrounding Parabens and other nasty chemicals but is it really worth taking the risk?

That’s why here at DermaBabies we only have safe, natural ingredients in our products so you know you have nothing to worry about when using our products on both yourself and your baby’s skin.

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With Love Forever – 3 product gift set

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, today we thought we would tell you a little more about out gorgeous With Love Forever gift set.

‘A heavenly gift set to enhance precious moments with baby. Make it your own by adding a personal message to our hand written complimentary gift card.’

This gift set contains three full sized products currently in the Derma babies range but also comes beautifully wrapped, with a hand written gift card and a travel bag. What mother wouldn’t want this as a gift on Mother’s Day.

Products in this gift set:
Bubbles in the Wind – Baby wash
Dew at Dawn – Moisturiser
Soft as Moonlight – Nappy Cream

All the ingredients in these products are 100% natural and contain wonderful essential oils that will envelop your babies skin in healthy nutrients and vitamins. They don’t contain any nasty chemicals at all so you and your baby will be safe in the knowledge that we are looking after you from the skin to within.

If you aren’t looking to spend quite so much or would like to try a couple of products first, we also have the two product gift set available Little Heavenly Delights for only £25.00 which includes the Bubbles in the Wind baby wash and the Dew at Dawn moisturiser.

Whether you’re a Father giving it to your other half, a Mother wanting to treat herself or someone just wanting to treat a loved one, this beautiful gift set from Derma Babies would make such a wonderful present and put the largest of smiles on anyones face.

If you would like anymore information or would like to hear about having your own Mother & Baby Clinic, please do get in touch on: customercare@dermababies.com

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SOFT AS MOONLIGHT – Heavenly Nappy Cream

This week it’s all about the BESTSELLING Soft As Moonlight – Heavenly Nappy Cream. We thought we would give you an in-depth insight into the wonder that is the Heavenly Nappy Cream.

So, what is it that’s just so great about this product?

This deeply nourishing and calming, natural nappy cream is the hero product in our range. It efficiently supports healing and protects your baby’s most delicate areas from excess moisture. It can also act as a powerfull healing balm to protect and repair any areas of irritated, dry and cracked skin.

The Heavenly Nappy Cream is luxuriously thick and creamy to make your baby’s skin feel wonderfully hydrated and nourished throughout the day. The nappy cream can be added as many times as you like or as needed through out the day to look after their delicate skin and to provide extra protection from the excess moisture that naturally builds up.

The 50ml tub retails for £11.75 on the Derma Babies website. This may sound like quite a lot of money compared to many high street brands but there is a good reason for this. Derma babies is all about making sure you and your baby are the happiest and heaviest you can be when it comes to your skin so they only put the best ingredients into their products. For example, many high street brands will just try to see as much as possible for as little as possible but Derma Babies really want to teach you how to care for your skin; what products are good and what products to look out for or stay away from.

This fantastic product includes carefully selected ingredients such as:
– Nurturing Shea Butter.
– Comforting Aloe Vera.
– Soothing Oatmeal Milk
– Camomile to relieve discomfort.

The shea butter and oatmeal milk are used for nourishing and protecting whilst the aloe vera helps to maintain the skin’s moisture levels.

‘Treat your little one to this beautiful nappy change cream, with added oatmeal extract to promote healing and natural protection.  Rich with antioxidants and anti-flammatory properties, it is beautifully as it melts into the skin.’

We would love to hear about your experiences with Derma Babies products. Please feel free to comment below or to send us a Tweet to tell us what you think.

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What your skin says about you…

If your skin just a casing for the rest of you, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as useful and important as it actually is. As an organ itself (your body’s largest organ), your skin is there to protect you from all kinds of nasties such as bacteria and other foreign bodies but it also has a number of other very important roles to play:

– It regulates body temperature.
– It delivery sensory information to your brain: pain, pleasure, hot, cold.
– It will give you warning signs that everything isn’t as it should be internally.

There are many diseases or issues that can be been in/on the skin before you feel there maybe an issue so understanding your skin and keeping an eye on how it looks and feels is very important. Just as you should check for lumps and bumps, you should also check that your skin isn’t looking any different to how it normally does. Spending those few minutes each week giving yourself a once over, could save you a lot of time, pain and discomfort in the long run.

Here are some of the signs to look out for where your skin is telling you something isn’t right:

Yellow skin, Orange Hands & Feet…
What it means: The yellow tinged skin of carotenemia can be the result of an underactive thyroid gland. This increases the levels of beta-carotene in the blood which is why your skin will start to look a yellow/orange colour. When there’s a thyroid problem, the gland doesn’t metabolize the vitamins as quickly, so beta-carotene accumulates.

Dark Red Lines on Your Palms…
What it means: A palm-reading mystic might have her own interpretation, but to a physician, a deepening of the pigment in the creases of the palms or soles is a symptom of adrenal insufficiency, an endocrine disorder.

Raised, Dark Blue Leg Veins…
What it means: Some of your veins are no longer working properly when you see ropy, blue-to-purple lines snaking up your legs. These are otherwise known as Varicose Veins. They can just be a more annoying from a cosmetic point of view or they could end up being more serious than that and cause pain, cramping, and difficulty walking. Veins rely on one-way valves, like shutters, to keep blood circulating; when they stop working, blood leaks back into the vein and pools there.

Brown Spots on Your Legs…
What it means: This could be the first sign of Diabetes. Damage to the capillaries and small blood vessels that are characteristic of the disease will cause them to leak when traumatized, leading to brown discoloration known as diabetic dermopathy.

A Burning, Itchy Rash…
What it means: Clusters of small, itchy blisters that show up repeatedly on the forearms, near the elbows, the knees, the buttocks, the back, or the face or scalp. All of these are symptoms of celiac disease, or an allergy to gluten.

Pale Skin & Blue-Tinged Nails…
What it means: This could be as a result of Anemia or some kind of blood disorder. Anemia can be the result of iron deficiency, chronic blood loss from bowel disease, or ulcer disease. Iron-deficient anemia is often seen in people over age 70 who no longer prepare nutritious meals for themselves.

A few years ago I wanted to learn more about the skin and how it can really show you what’s going on inside your body so I put myself onto a Diet & Nutrition course. This course covered Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage. I had no idea how much I would learn about my skin and just how in tune your skin is with the rest of your body. For example, did you know that your hands & feet will tell you all you need to know about what’s going on in your body. Because each zone on your hands and feet is said to correlate to a different organ, a callus or dry patch of skin indicates toxicity in that corresponding part of your body. As a result, if you have a callus on the part of your foot that corresponds to the lung area, a reflexologist may interpret that as an indication of a lung condition or other respiratory issue.

So it really is important to take care of yourself both inside and out. Your skin is your best friend and should be treated with the best care possible. Even when it comes to picking the type of skin creams you use, everything you do will have an affect on your skin’s health.

Derma Babies Mum & Baby Clinics – What’s it all about?

‘Derma babies is the first skincare company to have a mobile and salon based skin and health clinic for mum and baby.’

In the next few months Derma Babies will be launching their Mum & Baby Clinics to help educate consumers into their own and their babies skin care and to help spread the word to others who want healthier skin. The clinics will be located all around the UK and Europe so there should be one pretty nearby where ever you live.

There are two parts to the Mum & Baby Clinics

You could either go along to your nearest one where we’ll teach you how to look after both your own and your babies skin, how to deal with any skin related issues and useful nutritional information. There will also be the opportunity to attend workshops for both mum and baby. Here are just a few examples of what you’ll receive from visiting a clinic or going to a workshop…

1/ You’ll be advised on which products would work best for you and your baby
2/ Be given advise and guidance on diet and nutrition.
3/ Get a full skin consultation.
4/ Be given an overview on ingredients and how these could be causing you and your baby issues. What to look out for in other products.
5/ A two week skin program.


There is also the option to start up your own clinic and start your very own franchise. Have you ever thought about owning your own business? Work at your own pace and to suit your lifestyle? For all new business owners there will be plenty of training given either via home learning or if you already have a salon, we’ll come to you to get you on your way. To find out more on how to start your own Derma Babies Clinic, click here.

‘A DermaBabies Skin Clinic is a unique concept. For one it’s fully portable and can also be salon based. Your business operates via a mobile service, meaning that you can run your skin clinic anywhere. Everything within your clinic folds away so that you can take your clinic to your clients. This opens a whole world of exciting opportunities for you to earn money from your business.’

So, why start your own business with Derma Babies or go and visit one of their clinics?

The skin can often be neglected to the point where our health is clearly visible from the outside. Dry, dull or lifeless looking skin is a clear indication that something isn’t quite right on the inside. It’s vital to look at the skin’s health from more of a lifestyle point of view – diet, lifestyle in general and current products used. You’d be surprised at how much we put in our bodies has an effect on the look and feel of our skin.

‘Full skin consultations are offered via your clinic, showing your client their skin health through ingredients education revealing potential for pure beauty.’

Derma Babies understand the skincare industry and know the nasty ingredients that go into many high street products. At a Derma Babies Mum & Baby Skin Clinic, you’ll learn all of our secrets so that you can look at skin from an entirely different perspective. Once you’ve had your mum and baby skin consultation, you’ll feel confident enough to put this into daily use at home by using your Derma Babies products on both yourself and your baby.

We hope this has been useful to you and given you some more information on what the clinics are all about and what you can expect to achieve from coming along to one of the clinics yourself or starting up a business of your own. We’d love to have you on board.

If you would like nay further information or would like to join,
please email: customercare@dermababies.com

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Why Derma Babies?

At a brief glance, Derma Babies products might come across as being a very expensive brand when compared to high street brands. This is in fact true but there is good reason for this. It’s down to the ingredients they put into their products.

Most high street brands that can get away with selling products for £2 or £3 because their ingredients are cheap, low quality and easily available. For them it’s all about making money and the bottom line. Selling as much as possible for as little as possible.

At Derma Babies it’s the complete opposite. It’s all about using high quality, natural ingredients that will care for your babies skin. It’s a lifestyle choice, which is precisely why Derma Babies was created. Not only to look after your delicate babies skin but to also educate consumers on what they put on their babies skin. Derma Babies is currently in the process of launching their Mother & Baby Clinics to help further educate consumers. Turning those who don’t care what they put onto their skin, as long as it’s cheap into those who really do care about the health of their skin.

Which type of consumer are you?

1/ There are those who really don’t care what goes on their skin and just want to grab the cheapest item on the shelf to save as much money as they can.

2/ There are those who are very brand loyal and will buy from the same brand no matter what and have probably been buying from this brand for many years.

3/ There are those who really do care about what goes on their skin and will spend that little bit extra to make sure the products they use are 100% natural, organic and will care for their skin. Your skin reflects the inside out of you. How your body is feeling on the inside will show through your skin on the outside. A baby with healthy, glowing skin will be happier on the inside as well, isn’t this what we all want?

Below are a few examples of the ingredients Derma Babies use in their products and the benefits from each. These are all natural ingredients. They are of a very high quality and are much harder to come across and produce than ingredients you would find in many high street brands…

Argan Oil (argania spinosa)
Moroccan organ oil is the perfect secret ingredient for restoring a youthful glow. So much so the experts often refer to it as liquid gold. Remarkably high in vitamin E which repairs and protects skin cells. It is also claimed to speed the healing process, skin cell stimulation and regeneration. Look out for products containing aragon oil.

Sunflower Oil (Helion this annuus)
An oil wealthy in Oleic acids with high amounts of vitamins A, D and E. It also has beneficial amounts of lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids which the skin loves.

Avocado Oil (per sea gratissima)
Perfect for drier skin types and in moisturiser, avocado contains vitamin E, B and beta-carotene. They also contain omega 9 and 6 which helps regenerate skin cells. The rich oil is very easily absorbed into the skin which helps reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage and scars. It works especially well for those with sensitive skin or suffering from Eczema or Psoriasis.

Peach and Apricot Kernel Oils (Prunus Armeniaca)
The wonderfully light texture means it’s easily absorbed into the uppermost level of the skin. Packed with essential fatty acids, these are the oils of choice when looking for body care products and cleansing lotions as they are gentle and better to remove dirt and grime.

Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
Like Jojoba, Coconut helps the skin naturally control it’s oil secretions and most importantly application of Coconut on the skin helps the skin quickly and naturally restore it’s pH level to 5.5 without blocking pores. Using Coconut in skincare products or directly on the skin is a wonderfully natural way to beautiful skin.

Using Derma Babies products is more of an investment into your skin’s health and well being than just picking a skincare brand. They will teach you how to look after your skin in a natural and organic way because they care about you and your little ones as much as you do.

If you would like to try a sample of Derma Babies skincare, please email:
customercare@dermababies.com who will be more than happy to help.

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Derma Babies V’s Johnson

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the brand Johnson’s, just incase you haven’t, they are one of the UK’s leading brands in baby products so this week on the blog we thought we would do a comparison. Derma Babies Bubbles in the wind heavenly baby wash against Johnson’s baby head to toe wash so you can really get up close and personal and really see the differences between the two.

Why is Johnson’s so popular? The main reason I believe is that it’s well known so consumers believe they can trust the brand but also down to the cost of their products. These days you can get many of their products for under £3.00 for a 500ml bottle which makes it sound very inviting, especially when you compare it to Derma Babies baby wash that’s £17.00 for the 100ml bottle. Looking at it that it might look very off putting but like the saying, you get what you pay for. The main reason Derma Babies products are so much more expensive is down to the natural and high quality ingredients they use.

So, what is actually in each of these products? The main difference between the two is that Derma Babies has natural ingredients whereas Johnson’s has virtually no natural ingredients at all. Here is the list of ingredients for you to compare…

Johnsons Ingredients:
Cocamidopropyl Betaine – has been known to cause allergic reactions – itching, rashes, burning and blistering skin.
PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate – may contain harmful impurities or form a toxic breakdown
Sodium Trideceth Sulfate – not known to have any bad effects
PEG-150 Distearate – thickening agent not known to have any bad effects
Glycerin – prepared from vegetables or palms and coconut is a colorless, clear and odorless
Polyquaternium-10 – cationic, water-soluble substantive conditioner
Tetrasodium EDTA – a chelating agents that’s made from formaldehyde and sodium cyanide
Sodium Chloride – may cause unwanted side effects that require medical attention
Citric Acid – if consumed, side effects include stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
Sodium Hydroxide – is a HIGHLY CORROSIVE CHEMICAL and contact can severely irritate and burn the skin and eyes with possible eye damage.
Sodium Benzoate – has the ability to deprive the cells of oxygen, break down the immune system and cause cancer
Ethylhexylglycerin – a known skin irritant, can possibly damage and irritate eyes, and is known to cause dermatitis
Phenoxyethanol – is believed to cause damage to the brain cells and the central nervous system when used in large quantities
Parfum – some chemicals in ‘Parfum’ cause irritability, mental vagueness, muscle pain, asthma, bloating, joint aches, sinus pain, fatigue, sore throat, eye irritation, gastrointestinal problems, laryngitis, headaches, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, spikes in blood pressure, coughing, and burning or itching skin irritations

Derma Babies Ingredients:
Chamomile – soothes and calms the skin
Coconut Oil – provides natural moisture
Avocado Oil – nourishes the skin
Oat Kernel Extract – comforts delicate skin
Oatmeal Milk – provides the skin with vitamins and nutrients
Honey & Raspberry Essential Oil – calms, soothes and provides a subtle, natural fragrance

As you can clearly see from these lists that the Derma Babies baby wash is much better for your baby and 100% natural whereas the Johnson’s baby wash has no natural or organic ingredients at all. This is the first time I have actually done a comparison like this myself and being able to see the ingredients side by side is quite scary when you see what Johnson’s have in their products. Are you really happy to be putting these chemicals on to your babies delicate skin? I wouldn’t even put these substances on my own skin let alone the delicate skin of a baby. I did actually used to use Johnson’s products a few years ago when my skin was going through an extra sensitive phase as I thought a product meant for babies skin would be lovely and soothing. The only thing I got out of it was skin that was even more sensitive than before…oh and that lovely baby smell.

The only up side to using Johnson’s products would be that you save money but would you really want to do that at the risk of your babies health? I’m all for saving money but there are plenty of ways to do that which won’t compromise you or your babies health.

If you would like to give Derma Babies a try but don’t want to spend lots of buying the normal size bottle to begin with, why not get the 10ml sample size, free of charge so you can see just how great really is.

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The natural approach to healing babies skin conditions.

When it comes to your baby’s skin, there is one thing you can depend on, it will erupt into a rash or something similar within the first year at some point. Why you ask? The skin acts as a protective barrier against all sorts in the outside world that we have become used to, however a babies skin has only just come in contact with many of these elements and according to Bernard Cohen, director of pediatric dermatology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre, it will take about a year for their skin to get used to these new elements. Their skin will start out much thinner and has much less pigment to it making it much more susceptible to irritations and infections.

It’s unlikely that your baby will escape the most common skin issues such as diaper rash and cradle cap but there are things you can do to help the skin recover if/when it does occur. One of the best things you can do is to use high quality, natural and organic skincare products as much as possible. The natural ingredients will help to soothe the issue and won’t be harsh on their delicate skin. Along with being gentle on the skin, the natural ingredients will help to heal the infected area in a safe and natural way.

Ingredients such as these listed below are great for babies and their fragile skin. Here are some examples of their abilities:
Chamomile – Soothes and calms the skin.
Coconut & Avocado – Moisturises and comforts the skin.
Oat Kennel Extract – A skin conditioning agent, encourages healing and calms the skin.
Oatmeal Milk – Gently conditions the skin while the nutrients and vitamins leave young skin feeling fresh, nurtured and protected.
Honey & Raspberry Oil – Calms, soothes and has a beautifully subtle, natural fragrance.
Aloe Vera – Protects the skin’s natural moisture levels.
Sunflower Seed Oil – Deeply moisturising.
Cocoa Butter – Nourishes the skin.
Shea Butter – Nurtures the skin.

All Derma Babies products include a combination of these natural ingredients making them perfect to use on your babies skin whether they have a skin condition or not. They can be used as both a preventative measure or as a healing solution and as often as you need to ensure your babies skin is moisturised, protected and healing naturally.

Whether it’s a natural, calming body wash you’re looking for that has a wonderful, yet subtle fragrance that will envelop your babies skin, a luxuriously creamy moisturiser to help fight off dry and Eczema prone skin or a fantastic nappy cream to help heal and protect your babies most delicate area, we have it covered in our range of natural skincare products, specifically created with babies in mind.

New to the Derma Babies collection is the wonderful heavenly baby massage oil. Lightly infused with raspberry, oatmeal milk and honey essential oils, to soothe and lend a subtle sweet fragrance. This is the perfect accompaniment to your babies night time routine to help promote a natural and peaceful sleep which will also help to heal your babies skin conditions. An all over luxury indulgence that will leave baby feeling pampered and your skin soft.

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